First of all, we like to clarify that all of our breeding males and females are here with us and we own them all. We also mainly raise Maltese as they are our first love, but once in a while will breed our maltipoo with a full maltese. We do not broker or sell to pet stores, only one-on-one with private individuals like you. We have worked very hard to breed a beautiful and healthy dog, most times resulting in a much higher quality and healthier dog than you might find with other situations.  You are always welcome to visit our home and check out our facilities and dogs to ease any misgivings you naturally would have. Also, personal references are welcome and encouraged.

The AKC (American Kennel Club) states that the Maltese is considered "to be among the gentlest mannered of all little dogs, yet lively and playful as well as vigorous." They love everyone and everything, including children and other pets. We refer to them as "little lovers." They do not have that "doggie smell," are hypoallergenic, don't shed, and absolutely are the most loving and affectionate little dog you could ever imagine. A well-bred maltese is a very intelligent dog. They are quite easy to house break, especially if you do it correctly and follow the potty training sheet that we include when you take your baby home. Our particular puppies usually are between 5-6 lbs. Sometimes we get a 4 lb and sometimes 7-8, but not as often.

We do not ship our babies.  We can meet 1/2 way if you are traveling a distance. We offer a one-year health guarantee on life-threatening genetic defects in the puppy, such as heart murmur, liver shunt, etc. We want to be honoring to the Lord in dealing with all of our clients if a problem should occur. All of our parents are registered and we make every effort to build integrity into the breed. Because we choose not to show, we have no champion bred puppies.  CKC registration is available if requested and all puppies will have limited registration unless otherwise agreed.