Puppies get their shots at 6,9, and 12 weeks, as well as 3 wormings unless you take your puppy home at 8 weeks.

Our Maltese usually range in price from $1800-2200.  The differences in prices reflect the puppy's size (standard mature weight for Maltese is 4-7 lbs), coloring, and conformation. Any puppy that we sell with full registration is a minimum of $500 extra, with the tinier ones being more, as it would obviously be more of a show quality dog and we assume you may want to breed or show. All puppies purchased to be just pets would have limited registration, which means that the dog can be registered, but if it were bred, you would not be able to register the pups. 

Males, many times, get a bad rap, mostly because people don't understand that if neutered at around 5 months, they are almost guaranteed not to mark their territory. Marking is a hormonal response which neutering solves. In fact many vets, groomers and trainers think their temperament to be even sweeter. So don’t let the male/female issue be the only determining factor in selection. Our references would speak to both male and female being equally wonderful. We personally feel that it is the temperament of the dog that is most important, not whether they are male or female (same as people). Also, both come in the tiny or larger sizes. You honestly would not be able to tell the difference.

Certainly. We want you and the puppy to be happy and compatible. We have put together several pages on the care of your new arrival which includes house-breaking, procuring the best foods, feeding schedule, shot-worming info, precautions with do's and don'ts, etc. These are sent with the puppy.

Don't delay they will go fast!

Taking $100 deposits now to "hold your place in line"  The 2021 fall litters there will be males available. Females will be available fall 2022

Call/text or email today for more info and to put a deposit down. 

 740-503-2436 or belvaherdman@juno.com